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Üle kindlusemüüri oma koha le tõstetud keskaegne laev sai esimeseks eksponaadiks Meremuuseumi uuel püsinäitusel Suures Rannaväravas. Kaasajastuvad tehnilised võima lused ja lahendused ning et meremees saaks olla heal tasemel, tuleb pidevalt tegelda enesetäienda mise ja juurdeõppimisega. Copy Report an error He told her everything, very inartificially, in slow fragments, making her aware that the scandal went much beyond proof, especially as to the end of Raffles. Aga kuulikillud? Selline tunne oli, nagu ma oleks mingisuguses lõksus. Hempaguard põhineb meie patenteeritud Actiguard-tehnoloogial, mis ühendab ühes kattekihis silikoonhüdrogeeli hõõrdumist vähendavaid omadusi ja murrangulist biotsiiditehnoloogiat.

Dried blood, brain tissue, and bone fragments surrounded her head like a bloody halo on the wall.

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Kuivatatud veri, ajukoe ja luude fragmendid ümbritsesid ta pead nagu verine halo seina peal. The basin and the ewer had been smashed, the looking-glass was in fragments, and the sheets were in ribands. Alus ja ewer olid puruks löödud, vaateklaas oli kildudeks ja lehed ribideks.

All day he toiled on untiringly, and by the evening he had succeeded in extracting Navy Spin valutab handfuls of plaster and fragments of stone. Terve päeva kõlas ta väsimatult ja õhtuks oli tal õnnestunud kaevandada kümme peotäit kipsi ja kivikilde. I have your voice print, Zed, and your genetic code. But only memory fragments.

Mul on teie häälprint, Zed ja teie geneetiline kood. Kuid ainult mälukilde. I visited the Church - it has some fragments - only fragments, alas, of early glass - also a very interesting painted screen.

Kas tema veres on rakukilde?

These images are fragments of algae. Need pildid on vetikakillud. I'm searching fragments of code across all lines of communication. Otsin koodijuppe kõigist suhtlusliinidest. But it is all flash and no fragments. Kuid see kõik on välkkiire ja ilma killukesteta.

Riik võiks enamat teha Ants Ratas. Igal pool on erandeid tehtud, muidu ei saaks sellel turul edukalt konkureerida. Põllumajanduses on veel hullem, seal makstakse konkreetselt toetusi ehk antakse riigiabi. Laevanduses ei ole tegelikult vaja laevaomanikele raha maksta, on vaja lihtsalt mitte koguda makse seal, kus teistes riikides ei koguta.

Valus šokk ja lendavad jääkillud teatasid talle, et see oli panka tabanud. No shell casings, no skull fragments, no gray matter.

Ei kestakestasid, koljufragmente ega halli ainet. These are all the fragments of the armor? Need on kõik soomuse killud? At times, apparently, she recollected something; but the memories of the past came incoherently, in fragments.

Antonyms: not found Examples: fragments The Muses gathered up the fragments of his body and buried them at Libethra, where the nightingale is said to sing over his grave more sweetly than in any other part of Greece Muusad kogusid ta keha killud ja matsid need Libethrasse, kus lauldakse ööbikuna haua kohal magusamalt kui üheski teises Kreeka osas.

Kohati meenutas ta ilmselt midagi; kuid mineviku mälestused tulid ebaühtlaselt, kildudena. Fragments fly off, skipping and spinning across the ocean.

The only curious thing I found were these seofurane fragments near the matter reclamation unit. Ainus uudishimulik asi, mida ma leidsin, olid need seofuraani fragmendid aine taasväärtustamise üksuse lähedal.

We've got preliminary fragments of blue twine or wire from the victim's wrist wounds. Ohvri randmehaavadest on meil olemas esialgsed sinisest nöörist või traadist killud. And since he deeply loved Catherine and love requires trust, he was torn to quivering fragments by his emotion.

Ja kuna ta armastas Catherine'i sügavalt ja armastus nõuab usaldust, kiskus ta oma emotsioonide abil kildudest värisema. The fragments then slowly Navy Spin valutab, and a moon arises again from its own ashes. Seejärel killud ühinevad aeglaselt ja oma tuhast tõuseb jälle kuu. Copy Report an error Columns of numbers combined with letters of the alphabet were on Navy Spin valutab screen, and embedded here and there were fragments of what I assumed were data.

Ekraanil olid numbrite veerud koos tähestiku tähtedega ja manustati siia ning seal olid killud sellest, mida ma eeldasin andmetest. We just got FBI analysis on torpedo fragments Navy divers found in the bay. Saime just FBI analüüsi torpeedo fragmentide kohta. Lahest leitud mereväe sukeldujad. Examines fragments and reconstructs originals within a couple of hours of supercomputing. Uurib fragmente ja rekonstrueerib originaalid paari tunni jooksul pärast superarvuti kasutamist.

A reading-lamp, some books, matches, a bunch of keys, and the crushed fragments of a coffee-cup lay scattered about. That if I develop a fever of 40 degrees and start bleeding out of every hole I should turn to polyclinic.

avameelselt kogu lapseootuspullist / candidly about being pregnant

Yeah, I can picture how I calmly turn to the polyclinic like an old lady in that situation. He also suggested I take a pregnancy test in the morning, because as there was no IUD I could very well be pregnant.

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I would have much rather heard the news that the IUD has punctured every organ than the possibility of being pregnant.

The last time they assured me that the first one was just put in wrong and I went for a check up in January where I was told this one is securely in its place and I should go for a check-up in a year. I so badly wanted to blame someone, but who? I could blame my uterus, but what good would that do? Oh yeah, Kardo.


Kids are wonderful and having kids is great and seeing them grow up together is amazing. But all I could think was — what about me? I felt trapped. And the trap is my life, which going forward consists of reproducing every year until I run out of eggs. And to fit the stereotype even Navy Spin valutab I need to move to the middle of nowhere and become a nail technician while Kardo drinks beer in front of the local store.

At the same time taking care of my forty kids and looking like all life has been sucked out of me as I dust the windowsills with my saggy boobs. So yeah, those are my future plans. It feels so wrong that some people are having trouble getting pregnant but I seem to conceive at every step.

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God Why? So what should I do? Become a nun? Send Kardo to have a vasectomy I think you can do that after three kids :D.

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So I was overcome with depression. And that depression made me even more frustrated, because poor child. I remembered when I was expecting Lende, how I took all kinds of blood tests to make sure she was there and everything was OK. During the first two months I went to the doctor like a hundred times to Navy Spin valutab them do an ultrasound and made sure everything was OK. This time I just scheduled an appointment and waited for it, so I could go and get confirmation about my pregnancy, more confirmation than those tests.

The rest of the time I was just like … well. At the same time I started feeling the symptoms of being pregnant. My heard was spinning. So hard, for example, that I was unable to get up, because my head was spinning so hard. Morning, noon and night. I got pissed off by the fact that I had been pregnant for about 5 minutes when I already saw it on Perekool. Not that it matters in the long run.

The only Navy Spin valutab is that now I told you sooner. Oh yeah. The lipo procedure.

Is it done on pregnant women. In my first panic I wrote to my surgeon, but he calmed me down. But the fetus did attach and was a weeks worth bigger at the check up, then I had expected just counting the days. Resistant little guy. First, what should I do? Run to get an abortion with the explanation that I just had lipo and I am sure they understand? Thanks to the lipo I might not look like such a whale at the end of my pregnancy :D Kardo is in full dad-mode over here.

He makes me breakfast every morning and brings a cup of coffee with my pregnancy vitamins, to make sure the baby grows a face.

Maestro a sid, bridge ee sigwar

He cooks and tries to remove the stuff, that I claim stinks, as fast as possible. I figured if I ate a little bit it would make me feel better.

Ütlen kohe ette ära, et tegemist ei olnud mingisuguse pikalt planeeritud ja skeemitatud plaaniga, sest meil puudus absoluutselt igasugune plaan ise kolmas laps valmis meisterdada.

I ate it and was thinking ooooooh myyyy goood, this is soooo gross. They are not gross. Eat Mallu! You will feel better! So I ate the sandwich and funnily enough it just made me feel worse.

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My stomach was turning and I felt so bad I laid on the couch until Kardo woke up and asked me why are there moldy bread, moldy cheese and rotten cucumbers on the kitchen counter. So these are the stories from our house. He devoted his life to providing improved methods of radiation treatment for this devastating disease over the last 36 years.

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Bengt was born in a rural village of Bjarnum in southern Sweden, located near forest and is known for its furniture making. He migrated to USA at the age of 35 and was recruited by Dr. Bengt mentored some of the best physicists in the country, and many of our modern treatments go back to the early days of research at the JCRT.

These accomplishments, dating from —, include: dose optimization using computer control; soft wedges; stereotactic radiosurgery SRS ; total-body irradiation TBI ; CT-planning; and radiation dosimetry.

Bengt worked at Brown University in Rhode Island and at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he provided major contributions in radiation dosimetry, specifically with the head scatter model.

He advocated superior calculation algorithm through the Helax treatment planning system that was on par from most commercial systems.