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Tüdrukud ei saanud naeru, nuttu hoida. Tagasihoitud viha, ärevus. Hobune hoiab kaela rõngas.

Ja kes hoiab ohje valduste üle?

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And who will hold Kaes hoidma reins Blackguards? Letting the Russians take the lead. And who will keep the bastards under control? We must exercise our rights, we must hold the debates in this House and we Kaes hoidma keep our hand on the tiller.

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Europarl8 Aga sulle meeldib mängu ohje enda käes hoida? But you like being in charge Others theorize that a group of the wealthy and powerful, some sort of a shadowy global network, has been manipulating people for decades in order to rule the world.

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Okay, in an effort to keep this moment of folly under control, I'm taking charge. I've gotten so used to keeping myself at a safe distance from all these women and having the power that I didn't know what it felt like when I actually fell for one of them.

Ja kes hoiab ohje valduste üle? And who will hold the reins Blackguards? Letting the Russians take the lead.

As more people are right-handed, horsemen would thus be able to hold the reins with their left hand and keep their right hand free —to offer in friendship to a passing rider or to defend themselves with a sword, if necessary.

Honey, you're really starting to take control

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